Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy new year to me in ITWorx

I am now 1 year old in ITWorx, Am I happy? Or what … here is my feelings

I am happy for:
  • The new people I worked with.
  • The new methodology of development I am getting used to.
  • The new technologies I have learned: .net 2.0 ,VS2005, Third party UI libraries, Windows Services, RSS, SharePoint, Exchange Server WebDAV and CDO development, Telephony APIs, Remoting , MSMQ , XSLT, Unit Testing, Build management …
  • ITWorx itself :I am more than happy and proud of myself joing it,why not and others name it Most Exciting Company

While I have some other feelings because:

  • Working in a large company exposes you to a wide competition: who you are in 400+ employees!!
  • Working in dynamic projects with fast moving feature set and adaptation to more and more new technologies put you in a stress: running for new information, learning very fast, how to decide if you need to scratch the surface of a topic or go deeply into details.
  • Being in situations which not only your technical level that decide your career future; it is your personality, your skills in communicating with people, your ability to show up your self and being able to negotiate and debate.

    More feelings coming soon …

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