Friday, June 23, 2006

[DotNetNuke] : Conusme your own RSS feeds

DotNetNuke has the ability to generate RSS feeds for many of its modules, just by enabling the Syndication option in the module settings, although this will not guarantee that the RSS feeds will not be up-to-date. [*]

Those feeds are important for many users who will be interested to get updates only without visit your site regularly.

RSS feeds can be useful for the site itself; in situations when you need to show the same information with different views, for example; an announcement module show its contents in a list, but doesn’t show the headlines as a marquee.

One solution is to consume the RSS feeds generated by the announcement module, and transform it into a marquee using a simple XSLT template, thanks to the XML/XSL module.

So, you are consuming your own feeds to show a piece of information into different views without the need to develop new modules.

Note: RSS feeds are not up-to-date.

I have faced the problem of RSS feeds are not uptodate,or not generated completely , but I have found a solution on dotNetNuke forums. I am not sure which of the following steps are the real cause of the problem, I have done them all.

  • The Page that host the module should be View ALL for Users
  • The module : should allow syndication, has no expiration date [not just set to 9999]
  • The Re-index command from Host\Search Admin ; should be called after you place the module on the page
  • The following task should be running and enabled :
    - DotNetNuke.Services.Cache.PurgeCache, DOTNETNUKE
    - D
    otNetNuke.Services.Search.SearchEngineScheduler, DOTNETNUKE
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