Monday, September 18, 2006

Organize your Settings

The trick that might not been famous, is that we can add multiple settings to a single VS2005 project; this will make organizing settings into groups more useful from a programming point of view or an administration point of view.

Let's say that we have a project with more than 30 entries in its Settings designer, managing this huge number of settings might lead to some errors.

Why not split those settings into groups, for example AdminSettings and OperationSettings.

By default a VS2005 project ca have one settings class auto-generated by the settings designer; this class will get the name Settings. We can get rid of this class or leave it and add one or two other by Selecting New Item from the Add menu.

Then we can select the Settings File and name it what ever we want.

We can then use drag and drop to move the newly added settings to the Properties folder

Doing this, we will maintain all settings in the Properties folder,hence to get the name space Properties for all our settings.

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