Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hacking my kids games

Sometimes you feel that the geek inside you is about to explode , this happened to me when I went to buy a new toy to my daughter from the toy store and seen the RC Cars.

I found cheap remote controlled cars for less than 100 LE ( < 15$ )

The toy cars are remotely controlled using Radio frequency, they are called RC Cars for (Radio Controlled Cars)

Once I seen the remote control, I though immediately if it is possible to connect that remote to my PC and control the car using my keyboard !!! why do that ... I don't know but read the article from the beginning again and you will understand.

So, I did a quick search and I found other geeks thinking in the same line, this post ( is what I was looking for and this ( is the circuit used to connect the remote to the computer parallel port.

As soon as I do that , will let you all know :)

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