Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Migrate to .net 2.0

[In Progress]

I know that I should be talking about migration to .net 3.0, but as I havn't do this ... let us help folks whom still in 0.1 and 1.1 to get to 2.0

Migration to .net 2.0 form my point of view is not only to hjave your solutions/projects compile well on the VS2005 and the new framework, it is really to migrate to new features and benfites of 2.0 which I will take about in this post.


New Features (that you should kill your self for not doing them)

  1. Generics
    belive me, I have cut down lots and lots of code from a large VS2003/.net 1.1 application ( about 10 projects in 5 solutions) after migrating all my Type Safe collections to Generics collections and Generics methods
  2. MSBuild
    MSBuild is native in .net 2.0, you don't need NAnt ... MSBuild can deal with VS2005 projets and solutions directly and lots of features which worth another post
  3. Test Classes
    Now; VS2005 will help you test your code;either in Test first approach or code first approach ... do you have NUnit tests? ok;convert them using this tool
  4. Desktop Applications
    1. ToolStrips please
      Go to the office 2003 look and feel quickly with ToolStrips and MenuStrips, if you have been using ToolBars for a long time and fear of breaking your code, then follow this step by step guide to [Replace] toolbars with toolstrips
  5. Web Application
    1. Convert your VS2003 web projects to VS2005 using this tutorial ()
    2. Consider the ObjectDataSource

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Tareq Ali said...

Good work, but I think you need to refer to Zidan's tool that talks about migrating designer files in windows forms applications.